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Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet Me Monday

Well, I really don't know what to blog about today so, I guess I will just ramble.  LOL! 

The weekend. Didn't really do much.  My husband is the road, sound and stage manager for a local band and so Friday night we were at a show.  Didn't get home until after 3 am.  Spent Saturday recuperating.  Sunday was another relaxing day. 


The hubby working the sound.

Our 13 year old daughter decided she was going to ask when she could start dating so, I told her when she is 16.  She is the youngest of 8.  I really expected an argument but didn't get one.  Her 4 older sisters always argued with us about it.  One is now married and expecting a baby, one is in the Navy and expecting a baby, another one is leaving for the Navy soon and the last is working and supposed start college in the fall. 

My parents never let us date until we were 16.  Although we did date before then, we weren't allowed to be alone with the boyfriends.  We were only allowed to have them at the house if one of our parents were home.  No going to the movies or anything else unless it was with a group of friends.  Once we were 16, we had a little more dating freedom. 

So, do you think 13 is too young to date?  What do you think is an appropriate age to date? 


  1. Agree whole-heartedly with your deadline - and other rules! By the way, if that profile pic is to be believed, you don't look like a Mom of 8!

    Two were quite enough for me and my late husband!

    Hope the expected little ones arrive on time and in good health!


  2. Thank you for all Isobel. And yes, that pic is really me. You should see the looks on peoples faces when I tell them my oldest is 26. Well, I guess that is the advantage of having them young!