Blogger Widgets Gifts From The Kitchen : February 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Etsy and Your Blog


Does promoting your blog on Etsy get you new followers?  I am finding it very frustrating.  I follow the blogs of others and even leave comments on their blogs in hopes they will follow back. 

In the past, I even started posting recipes and coupons to crafts stores.  I was trying to create content for everyone. 

What would you suggest to people to make their blogs more   interesting?  I would love to hear your ideas.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What is the difference between a diaper cake and a candy bar cake?????? What we create with them is handmade.

I have to shut down my Zibbet shop because I use candy to make candy arrangements.  REALLY?????   Well, people that use diapers and store bought toys and accessories to create diaper cakes should not be able to sell them there either.  What is the difference between a diaper cake and a candy bar cake??????  What we create with them is handmade. 

That is like saying you can't use card stock to make greeting cards because the cardstock is not handmade.  Isn't the whole idea of handmade to create something with something else?  It's like saying using flowers to make floral arrangements is not actually a handmade item because the flowers aren't handmade!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Update: What I have Been Doing On Etsy

Hello everyone!  I have been very busy over on Etsy.  I have added some new items to my shop and created some new teams.  I would like to share them with you.
These candy favors are made with Wilton Vanilla Flavored Candy Melts. Minimum order of 12. Each favor includes 3 candies and will be packaged in treat bags and tied with coordinate colored ribbon.
Baby Shower Favors Set of 12 - Made To Order,  Baby Boy, Candy,  Pacifier
Baby Shower Favors Set of 12 - Made To Order, Baby Boy, Candy, Booties - Custom Order
Baby Shower Favors Set of 12 - Made To Order, Baby Girl, Candy, Booties - Custom Order

Baby Shower Favors Set of 12 - Made To Order, Baby Girl, Candy, Pacifier- Custom Order
Candy Bells - Wedding Favors, Party Favors, Bridal Shower
See something you like?  Looking for something a little different?  Visit my shop.  Gifts From the Kitchen
And now to share some new teams with you.
Games, Games and More Games Increase traffic & gain exposure for your shop by playing games that involve promoting yourself and others. .......Team games really increase your visibility on Etsy because you are being promoted by other members, and you are showing up on their feeds for their followers to see. The more active you are on Etsy, the more VISIBLE you will be. Don't just join a team and hope for the best. Join a team and participate for more exposure!
Promotion Fanatics Do you really like "having" to heart items or shops you really don't like? If you answered "no". this team is for you.

Hearting is not required in any thread but by all means, if you see an item or shop you love, please heart!

There are plenty of ways to promote each other instead of giving "hearts" to items or shops that you are just not in to.

We will promote by social media, blogs, treasuries. We will also have a "Favorite an item from A shop above you".
All About BlogSpot First and Foremost: This IS NOT a post and run team.

Promote your blog, follow and be followed, feature and be featured. Give and get advice on how to improve your blog. Your blog must be Etsy related.
Check them out and hope to see you join!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Problems with Zibbet

When I first joined Zibbet a couple of weeks ago, everyone was so warm and welcoming.  Then things went sour.  I had 3 shops and now only have 2.  I went to sign into my account for Gifts From The Kitchen only to find out I couldn't.  I had not checked my email for a couple of days so imagine my surprise when I found an email from Zibbet telling me my account had been suspended.  Apparently, someone reported my items.  Now, of course when I tried to click on the links for these items, I couldn't because the shop doesn't exist.  I could not research why these items were reported.  So, I sent a message to Zibbet to explain that I had not checked my email to know that there was a problem.  I asked them what I needed to do to have my account reinstated........I am still waiting for an answer!
Now, this was not the first time I had been reported.  Someone also reported my photography shop.  I will admit, I had some listings that had some problems but was unaware that I couldn't do what I was doing.  I corrected the problems and still have my account.
I am now waiting for my Knit Me Warm and Cozy shop to be reported.
I may not be getting sales on Etsy but at least I am not being reported every time I turn around!

Monday, February 3, 2014

A Whole Lot Of Changes (Etsy Deserter?)

I find myself getting more and more frustrated with Etsy's policies.  They seem to be making it harder and harder for sellers.  As  a result  I have opened shops elsewhere. 
My shop on StorenvyDiscover goods you'll love from brands that inspire. The easiest way to open your own online store. Discover amazing stuff or open your own store for free!
As you are only allowed one shop, I have combined Gifts From The Kitchen and Alew Photography into April Lewin's Variety Store
My shop on Zibbet.   Buy and sell handmade goods, fine art, vintage items and crafting supplies on Zibbet.
I am not sure if I will completely give up on Etsy but my main focus will be on Storenvy and Zibbet.
If anyone has shops on either of these sites, please share your links.  I would love to check out our shops.