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Friday, December 7, 2012

My Office/Craft Room Part 2

Well, I spent most of the day yesterday and the last hour or so working on my office.  Here is what I have accomplished so far.
My desk organized for now.  Hopefully after the New Year, we will put shelves up to put my home decor items on.

See the dresser?  It has some of my yarn and my knitting looms in it.  It also holds my sewing boxes.

In the box is some crafting tools.  The cupboard holds some misc. things.  The box has finished projects that I have to list on Etsy.  The tote holds soap-making supplies.  The chest is now empty and ready to go with my daughter.

The stand and the stuff on the shelves have to be but back in the livingroom after Christmas.  The tote contains home decor from the livingroom that we took down to make room for Christmas decorations.  The basket contains books which will find a new home soon.

My desk again.  The posters have been taking off the walls. 
This is all that will be done until after the New Year. 
 To see the before pictures, click here.

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