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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Advantages of Networking

Some of you may be new to networking and may have questions as to the advantages of networking.  I found this great article to share with you.
The Advantages of Networking


If your goal is to expand your business and gain market share, awareness is an absolute necessity
Also serves as a benefit when you are looking for a job, needing help with a project, or simply desire to expand your circle of influence.

Income Generation---

Income generation can mean selling more products or services or simply obtaining a new job. This Income is created through speaking to and meeting new people that have a desire to gain something from what you offer

New ideas---

Can reveal benefits of your existing product or service that you didn't think of. It can be a different perspective on the current marketing angle you are using, or it be a whole new position about what you are doing.
The ability to gain a new perspective is crucial. Networking provides the opportunity to test market your ideas to people. A third party can be a great benefit as they have nothing personally invested in you


When you take the step of advancing your current circle of influence, you vastly increase your chances of having new opportunities offered to you. Opportunities can be for business, pleasure, personal growth, career advancement, or simply just knowledge.

Networking Tips and Ideas

There is no shortage of networking opportunities to take advantage of, especially with the constant expansion of the Internet. Try some of these:
Chamber of Commerce
When attending an event in person, try to find out who will be there in advance.
Bring plenty of business cards.
Prepare an interesting 30-second vision that you can present fluently to others.
Be willing to listen and provide value to another person before asking for help.

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