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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Convert Pinterest Visitors to Subscribers

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Keep the visitors that you attract.  How?  Your sidebar is what every visitor sees, on every page.  Treat it like a power tool.  First, add a photo of yourself because your readers want to know who is behind it all.   Second, showcase tutorials and your best content.  Your want visitors to see more than just the post they clicked on to get to your blog.  Give them a dozen images to help them find more great content from your blog.  Third, simplify your sidebar.  Lose the blog awards and all the different stats counters, you only need one,  and feature yourself. Allow people to subscribe to your blog by putting it at the top. Feature that  eBook you wrote or promote something you’ve created.  Encourage people to visit your sponsors.  Enable people to explore your content and connect with you.  Give image links to your best content.  Fourth, link to your best content from everywhere.  The most effective way to keep people browsing around your blog is to link within your posts.  Don’t forget that prime “end of post” spot!  By linking to your best content at the end of your posts, you’re giving them a chance to stay and enjoy themselves a little more, and hopefully decide your blog is worth coming back to.  Give your visitors a great experience, and they’ll stay.
Sponsor ads - If you have a dozen ads in your sidebar, you may want to think about scaling back on your sponsorship program.  Why?  Because the more ads you have, the more you’re diluting your visitors’ attention.   Keep the focus on your blog. Don’t send people AWAY from your blog and onto your sponsors’ sites before they’ve had a chance to get to know you and see why they should come back.
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