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Monday, January 14, 2013

Meet Me Monday

Meet Me Monday~~ This is where I tell you a little about myself, things I am working on, things I've done etc....

Hello, how are you today?  Well, along with having an Etsy shop, I am also a vendor at a place called Vernon Variety Shops in Vernon, NY.  This is a market place that offers a variety of items from many vendors.  I had to take some of my items in on Saturday. I sell my handmade items, vintage, and a variety of other things. While there, I was talking to another vendor that also has a booth in another store quite like Vernon Variety.  As I love these places, I asked my husband if he wanted to go check it out.  It is a new place and so, we went.

The name of the store is Donna's Specialties and Marketplace which is located in Vernon Center, NY, which is just up the road from Vernon.  So, of course, we looked around a bit and my husband loved the setup.  It looks like a little country store.  He started talking to the person that was working there about booth space.  Then he said to me, "I think your handmade items will fit in really good here."  He proceeded to ask for details about booth rental.  Then he asked to see an available spot.  Well, I fell in love with the spot.  So, I am now on a quest to get some more crafts done to hopefully rent this spot beginning in February. 

I will stay at Vernon Variety but if I start doing really well at Donna's, I might just pull out of Vernon.  We shall see........


  1. Nice Post, New follower from Bloggin Buddies.

  2. Good luck with the new venue! It sounds very promising, and I hope you do well. =0)
    visiting today from Blogging Buddies
    PS - There's the Meet & Greet blog hop still going on, if you're interested in joining and linking up.

  3. Best of luck to you with everything! Sounds exciting! Would love to meet new Etsy friends so if you're interested, please stop by my new blog! Regards, Jennifer :)