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Friday, February 28, 2014

Etsy and Your Blog


Does promoting your blog on Etsy get you new followers?  I am finding it very frustrating.  I follow the blogs of others and even leave comments on their blogs in hopes they will follow back. 

In the past, I even started posting recipes and coupons to crafts stores.  I was trying to create content for everyone. 

What would you suggest to people to make their blogs more   interesting?  I would love to hear your ideas.


  1. I do not know if I get new followers from promoting my blogs on Etsy. I seem to post everyday as well, and truly it is hit or miss. But I will say that once I switched to wordpress, I began to get more followers. It took a few months, but if I posted everyday, I was seeing results. Also, twitter helped as well.
    Coming to you from BlogSpot team. Here is my website:

  2. All views are welcome and comments particularly. Somehow though, the latter have not been as prevalent since I (a) got it involved with Google+ and also joined BlogLovin. Not sure if that was a step too far, spreading the blog too wide or what!

  3. This is interesting to me because I seem to struggle sometimes as well. I have been studying up on it lately, working really hard on my blog as opposed to anything else. The biggest new traffic thing I have found is Stumbleupon. I have been listing my post on their for a couple of days, and man, it has helped. I also found a great list of great titles to increase viewers. Wish I remembered where I found it. But, hopefully my work can pay off, maybe you can get something together as well. Good luck!

  4. I tried stumbleupon earlier today. I don't get it. I have to look into it more when I have some time.

  5. Hmm interesting question. I find everyone wants followers but not many actually want to be supportive of each other. They say they do, just to get you to do the same. I actually like to use many social networking systems to increase views, and comments, well people are just weird about that, lol. You will get lots of readers, some may even follow, or share, but most won't leave a comment. Now, I joined your blogspot Etsy group and we will see how it goes.

    1. Hello Melissa. Welcome to my blog and the Etsy team. I like looking at others blog for inspiration for mine, to get helpful tips on different subjects and just to see what people are up to.

  6. I've posted my blog on Etsy a few times but haven't really had much luck. Social Media outside of Etsy is really how I've been able to gain more followers and feedback - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Flickr and Pinterest have been my main focus.

  7. I post ghost stories on my Witch Is Why because I want to keep it to what the blog represents. It is fairly new because my witch is why etsy shop is an all around halloween shop and on my fosterchild whimsy all kinds of things,(My oldest blog) and here I go CackaLackys was just sitting there with NOTTA until I started it up a couple of weeks ago. I know. Anyway when I do visit blogs some are easy to leave a comment and some are easy to join THEN there are blogs that are set up different and sometimes it makes it difficult to leave a comment or join a blog. I do try to let others know I am on their blog.