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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Update on Health

Well, if I ain't a blonde..... Anyway, I thought they were doing the endoscopy yesterday......NOOOOOO. It was a consultation only. They are doing an ultrasound on March 19 and then a Gastroscopy on the 27th. They will then decide if I need surgery. Then I will have to wait forever for the insurance to approve then wait forever for a surgery to be scheduled. Why does everything have to take so freakin' long?????
I have been having problems with one of my teeth since November, problems with my stomach since December and the freakin' insurance takes forever to approve anything! It gets very frustrating knowing that the Dr. can fix you but the insurance co. wants to take forever so they don't have to pay a bunch of money at once. What do they care? They aren't the ones suffering in pain or discomfort!
To top it all off, the Digestive Doctor called me to tell me that because my mother had colon cancer, he is scheduling a Colonoscopy at the same time as the Gastroscopy. 
I have a consultation on Friday with the Oral Surgeon.  Ugh!!  Can't wait for it all to be over.

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