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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Who's Ready For Spring?

Who is ready for spring?  I know I am.  It has been a long winter here in Central New York.  I can't wait to be outside.  I want to start an herb garden so I will always have fresh herbs for my spice rubs. 
I will be very happy when all my birds come back.  I have a family of Mourning Doves, Cardinals, and Blue Jays.  The hummingbirds (my favorite) come to the feeders and of course all the robins and other beautiful birds. 
It will be wonderful to actually take Gizmo for walks.  Through the winter, I just let him out in the yard for a few minutes.  Too darn cold for walks. 
Gizmo!  He doesn't mind the snow.  He likes sticking his face right in it and eating it. 
Do not fear, Spring is almost here!


  1. I'm definitely ready for spring! I think I can feel it in the air & I told the kids this morning "Spring starts in a month!" :)

    1. Yes, and hopefully, the weather will realize it is spring when it arrives!

  2. Your plans for Spring sound lovely. It was 80 here yesterday so I'd like cooler weather. Maybe you could send some my way?

  3. Unlike your last commenter, we're shivering in minus temps here in the UK! Spring can't come quickly enough! This lot is supposed to last until mid next week, so here's hoping that Spring will then decide to start arriving!