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Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Perfect Etsy Team

Isn't it the wish of every team captain to have THE best team?  What would be the perfect team? Here are my thoughts:   First,  would be to have every member be active.  Second,  would be to have a thread for every topic. Third, would be to have strong leaders.   I don't think the quantity of members matter so much as the quality of members.  What is the sense in having hundreds or thousands of members if only 5 or 10 are active?  What is the sense in joining a team if you are not going to use it to your advantage? 
A perfect team would have something to offer everyone.  Example, mentors,  contests, sweepstakes, threads for every topic, promotions,  just to name a few. 
What are your thoughts on the perfect team?

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