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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Problems with Zibbet

When I first joined Zibbet a couple of weeks ago, everyone was so warm and welcoming.  Then things went sour.  I had 3 shops and now only have 2.  I went to sign into my account for Gifts From The Kitchen only to find out I couldn't.  I had not checked my email for a couple of days so imagine my surprise when I found an email from Zibbet telling me my account had been suspended.  Apparently, someone reported my items.  Now, of course when I tried to click on the links for these items, I couldn't because the shop doesn't exist.  I could not research why these items were reported.  So, I sent a message to Zibbet to explain that I had not checked my email to know that there was a problem.  I asked them what I needed to do to have my account reinstated........I am still waiting for an answer!
Now, this was not the first time I had been reported.  Someone also reported my photography shop.  I will admit, I had some listings that had some problems but was unaware that I couldn't do what I was doing.  I corrected the problems and still have my account.
I am now waiting for my Knit Me Warm and Cozy shop to be reported.
I may not be getting sales on Etsy but at least I am not being reported every time I turn around!

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